I would like to take the time to thank you for what you do and the role you play in educating students. In the Center for Student-Athlete Services (CSAS), we are committed to educating our students as they progress to graduation and life after college. To assist in this process we expect our student-athletes to attend class and be engaged, to turn their assignments in on time, and to be respectful.

NCAA rules and regulations requires student-athletes to meet certain academic benchmarks to be eligible for competition. Due to these requirements, we provide academic support and resources and actively monitor their academic progress. Any feedback you can provide will be helpful in keeping our student-athletes on track.

If there is ever a time throughout the semester when student-athletes are not meeting the expectations outlined, please feel free to let us know. All student-athletes sign a Buckley Amendment form that grants our staff access to their academic information for purposes of eligibility monitoring. I have provided the link below to ease any concerns you may have with providing information through this system. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Do not share, forward, or otherwise give anyone access to this request. Doing so allows access to protected student information by individuals who may not be authorized to have such access. Unauthorized release of protected student information without prior written consent from the student is a violation of FERPA. For additional information concerning FERPA and the university’s responsibility to protect student information, please go to https://registrar.tamu.edu/about-us/policies/ferpa

Thank you again for your time and all that you do in educating and developing all students at Texas A&M University.